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NOTE: Agua Clara rooms are at Agua Clara Ecopark

Please feel free to contact us for special requests or further information.; +501-676-1109, 314-322-4718, or +501-670-5984

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Hi Ollie,

hope you're doing well. Sorry for not sending you an update earlier. Fortunately, we've been kept busy. After leaving you in Belize, we worked in sustainable living at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. From there, we bused down to Panama while stopping at different countries along the way, and flew to Columbia. We found another volunteer opportunity in a small village, where we worked hard on a coffee farm. Learning about the process was truly an incredible experience and although we are not active coffee drinkers, we can still vouch for the quality! We continued south to Ecuador where we then worked at an animal refuge in the jungle. There were jaguars, pumas, birds, monkeys, a lion and much more. Our job was to clean, help rehabilitate, feed and clean up after them. It was truly incredible to work so closely with these animals. Something we definitely won't forget. We took a break after working a couple months to visit Peru. We hiked to Machu Picchu and it was beautiful. Now we are working at a vegetarian/vegan cafe in Bolivia. The owner has two kids who we also look after from time to time. A couple things that made us think of you. How is everything at Ghan Eden and the organization with the children? Hopefully the volleyball court has enough sand in it now! We imagine the farm is also progressing nicely as well. Let us know how've you been when you got the time. Take care, Ollie!

      -Jen & Lou

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