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You Betta Belize It!


Belize is located at the base of the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America, and borders Mexico, and Guatemala, with the Caribbean Sea to the east.


The region was at the heart of the Mayan empire, which disappeared between 1000 and 1500. Archaeologists estimate that, at its peak, one to two million Maya lived within the present day borders of Belize. The country's modern history began when it was occupied by the British in 1638; it was formally recognized as a British colony in 1862. The country achieved self government in 1964 and full independence in 1981.


Belize comprises 8,866 square miles, including many small islands (cayes) off the coast. More than 65% of the country is forested. To the south and west is the Mayan mountain range. The shallow offshore cayes to the east straddle a coral reef second only in size to Australia's Great  Barrier Reef.


The total population is approximately 390,000; about 13,000 reside in the capital, Belmopan City, and about 95,000 live in Belize City.


English is the official language. Spanish, Garifuna (Carib), Maya, and Creole are also spoken, as well as a German dialect.


The climate is subtropical. Summer temperatures seldom exceed 96 F and winter lows are rarely below 60F.


Belize is the same as CST and does not observe daylight saving time, so from April to October, Belize is one hour behind CST.


The Belizean currency is the Belize dollar (BZD). It is commonly exchanged at a rate of $2 BZD for $1 USD. Guests do not need to convert currencies; everyone accepts USD and will give back BZD in change.


Cell phones work in Belize if you have activated international service with your home provider, but signal is not always strong.


Belize uses 110 volt, 60-cycle electricity, the same as North America. UK and European guests will need a converter or adapter. 

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